Large scale layout for trains running on 45mm track

This large layout has been built by a number of our members. It has been designed to accommodate any type of engine or rolling stock that can run on its 45mm wide track. It is electrified for engines with pickup through their wheels and has been segmented to allow multiple engine operation through the signalling panel. (there is a separate description of how this works).

On some occasions you can see trains targeted at the younger population such as those made by Playmobil and in most cases these are battery operated with their own radio control. So if these are on the layout we can let younger family members operate them.

In addition to engines powered by electricity we have members with live steam engines that also run on this track.

A Lynton & Barnstaple engine in 1/19 Scale
A Continental DB Inter City Express train in 1/22.5 Scale

While the size of the track is 45mm, the size of the engines and rolling stock is based on different scales. The  two main scales you will see here are:

……G Scale which means the scale ratio is in a range between 1/19 for UK trains and 1/22.5 for continental and American trains,

…….Gauge 1 where the ratio is 1/32.  So gauge 1 trains will be smaller that their G Scale counterparts.


Comparison ( L to R) between Continental G Scale, UK Scale G Scale and Gauge 1

A full description of Scale and Track is available on our website or can be obtained from the QR Code on our entrance window.



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