The Woodland 5″ Railway, Garden Railway and Sawmill smaller gauges.

We run a 5″ ride on railway, a Garden Railway and an exhibition of smaller scale railways and models in the Sawmill behind the Barrow Centre.

We have now been in operation for 7 years and you can look back at what has happened since we started in 2017 here in a video.
In 2023 we opened at Easter and offered rides to the public between 1100 and 1500 on each Sunday and Thursday and several Park events until the end of September, weather permitting (see our updates on Facebook). For 2024 we shall be open on all Sundays from 30 March to the end of September and in addition on Thursdays during school holidays.
The Garden railway has been completed and it has seen use by a variety of scales from clockwork Hornby to Gauge 1 and 16mm live steam. Hopefully more people will use in as it becomes more widely known.

Sawmill Exhibition – Work continues  on a new O gauge layout, gratefully subsidised by Peco alongside our existing layouts . It will be open on most Thursdays but can be viewed and anytime through the window and layouts can be activated by putting a £1 coin in the slot machine
We are always looking for more members who have an interest in any of our activities.  If  you would like more information you either contact us at one of our two sites or email our membership secretary.
Videos are available on our Youtube page – Mt Edgcumbe Railway & Model Society
We also have a Facebook page with news and events.
If you have an interest in any of the aspects you see on our web site and would like to join us please fill in this form
Patron: Lady Megan Edgcumbe

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