Reopening of the GWR, our 5″ railway has been delayed until 25th July.

Our plans to restart operations on 4 July were well in hand but government changes have caused us to delay our start until 25th July. Our work parties have been hard at work updating the Sawmill and preparing the GWR track to receive the first trains and their passengers.  We are also extending the station and will have this ready for our July start.

Our new electric engine – GWR 757, built by Peter Field around a new chassis from AME,  has had its first outing and will be a welcome addition to our fleet. This gives us the greater reliability of operations that steam trains do not always offer us. Steam will never the less remain an integral part of our operations.

The Friends of Mt Edgcumbe will hold their Classic Car Event on 1 August and we hope that both our sites will be open and operating for this event.

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